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Thousands of boarded up properties make up vast sections of what once were vibrant neighborhoods in Baltimore City. After years of neglect, these properties are in terrible condition and require either of two alternatives. Some of them are in such bad shape that demolition is the wisest option, however, for many of the vacant properties, there is another option: renovation. 


Severe challenges exist when fully renovating deteriorating row-homes. Many have suffered from weather and water exposure, compromising joists and rafters which lead to caved-in floors and sometimes roofs. The structural integrity of the house is compromised, so you have thousands of houses with perfectly built exterior shells comprised mainly of brick construction. In most cases of the vacant row-homes, the interior components of the house need to be completely replaced; the brick shells are salvageable. 


At COR Construction, we have taken on the effort of creating an efficient and cost effective solution to rebuilding the interior structural systems of a row-home. This system delivers new floor joists, floor sheathing, steps, roof rafters, roof sheathing, rubber-coated roof covering, doors, and windows; everything to completely protect the interior structural elements of the building. We call this structural renovation. This is the first step in taking a vacant, structurally compromised row-home and transforming it into vibrant occupant-ready home.


Structural renovation work requires a thorough understanding of structural engineering and the capacity of building materials used in the construction. We work with Tarantino Engineering Consultants to satisfy that requirement. Every property requires a thorough analysis of its interior/exterior walls, foundation and other building specifications. 


Our approach to the structural renovation of dilapidated homes:


  1. Evaluate the condition of the property for safety considerations.

  2. Ensure the property is clear of all old construction material and debris. This is done in concert with erecting the necessary bracing support to keep everyone safe.

  3. Evaluate the condition of the interior walls and develop a ledger system to support the floor joists.

  4. Install flooring system.

  5. Install roofing system.

  6. Weatherization plan: 

  7. Install basic doors and windows

  8. Apply waterproof building seal around the exterior perimeter and on the interior basement.

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