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COR Construction Program Overview

COR Construction Bootcamp (CCB) is a commercial construction apprenticeship training program offering education, training and hands-on experience to veterans with the intention and motivation to work in the construction industry. After successful completion of a 10 week, 100 hour basic construction training course, students earn a Commercial Construction Assistant certification.


Within 90 days of completion, we guarantee employment in the construction industry with one of our supporting employer partners; locally established contractors and construction firms.

This special program is offered to veterans for very specific reasons. First, we believe it’s our duty to serve and assist those who have served our country. Secondly, the values of the military culture are consistent with the standards and expectations needed to build and maintain a robust workforce in the construction industry. Lastly, we believe that soldiers are soldiers, regardless if they are active duty or not. We believe soldiers are the ideal candidates for tackling the overwhelming yet honorable task of rebuilding an aging infrastructure of buildings in many urban cities. The CCB combines the mission of serving veterans and increasing the number of trained, prepared and motivated individuals to become a part of the nation’s construction workforce.


COR Construction Program Mission

Provide military veterans the education, training, and hands-on experience to find meaningful employment in the commercial construction industry.


COR Construction Bootcamp Values

5 Core Values set the underlying tone that we expect veterans, because of their military background, to understand and easily incorporate into their learning and work experience:

  1. Punctuality – Showing up on time, every time, prepared and ready to work.

  2. Integrity – Putting honesty and trust at the forefront of every thought and action.

  3. Chain of Command – Understanding, respecting and utilizing a hierarchal system of roles and responsibilities.

  4. Teamwork – Everyone has a part to play. No mission is ever accomplished by a single person.

  5. Work Ethic – Putting your focus and 120% of your effort into everything you do.


COR Construction Bootcamp Program Benefits

Provides marketable skills that students/veterans can learn in a short period of time in an industry with increasing labor demands.

  • It provides students/veterans with a hands-on environment to learn and apply construction related skills and procedures.

  • It allows students/veterans to build their personal and professional skills through a practicum of discipline and hard work.

  • It yields tangible, visible results and lasting community transformation, which offers students/veterans a sense of personal accomplishment and value.

  • It offers a meaningful way for students/veterans to contribute to rebuilding their communities and earn the respect of their families and surrounding community.

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Why we do this

COR Health Institute is a community health agency working with schools, businesses, community organizations, healthcare professionals and residents to train and encourage young people to live healthier lifestyles. Our objectives are to engage young people in a community setting, offer alternative preventative health services and that decreases their likelihood of developing obesity or other preventable diseases and at the same time improve their psychological health. We believe primary-prevention focused solutions are the key to decreasing many of the challenges we face with our healthcare system.


We are committed to improving the physical and psychological of health young people. We have created alternative systems of training that are manageable, measurable and effective. As martial arts practitioners, we take responsibility for promoting healthy lifestyle and behavior. We have served the Baltimore metropolitan community since 2002 using preventative health practices to positively shape the attitudes and behaviors of adolescents. 

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