1201 N Collington Ave

In December of 2015, we purchased 4 vacant homes from the city of Baltimore for $4,000 dollars. We only had $80,000 in the bank. However, what we did have, which gave us promise, was a very deep reservoir of willpower and commitment to the transformation of a blighted section of East Baltimore. This was our mission impossible.

What transpired over the next 18 months was nothing short of a miracle. Donations came in as they were mostly needed, strangers became our expert consultants and the community itself became a source of manpower to perform some of the most daunting construction work ever to be performed in Baltimore City.

In total, we have spent over $360,000 transforming 4 vacant rowhomes into a 7,000 sq/ft community martial arts/fitness facility dedicated to serving the most vulnerable at-risk children living in East Baltimore. 


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